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INFIDELS? no shit!

August 25, 2009

Carol Langley

Klinesville, PA

Our government says its safe, my body says its not. The sludge trucks are coming now in 2009. Class B sludge, no less. After moving into my new home in 2008, having no idea that sludge is surrounding my home. To the northwest of my home 1/2 mile farmer gets sludge in some kind of holding tanks that stinks like something truly UNGODLY in the winter months when its, freezing outside, so you can imagine the summers here. To the east, less than a 1/4 mile from my home , 2 other big fields get sludged in summer months. BUT next to my home ,1240 TONS of CLASS B SLUDGE, thats approx ( 54) tractor tralilers started dumping on 8/4/2008...HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRESIDENT OBAMA! I HOPE TO HEAVEN we all get single payer healthcare in this country....because we are all going to need it!

SO now I'm getting ready for the nosebleeds to start, the headaches are starting, II'm hoping I don't get paralysis and chest pains like last year. You can talk to anyone in govt and its not in there back yard, so they don't care. And most pass the buck...and say they have no control.or its the law...well, laws are changed everyday in this country...I am really disgusted with the lack of ethics and political will of our so called leaders...No wonder some mid easterners refer to USA as infidels, we just spread our shit all over the planet.

All info obtained from DEP for 2008. 2009 dumping info won't be available until March of 2010.

Respectfully, C. Langley